End-to-end energy retailing.

Flux gives you the foundation you need to successfully manage your business, from prospect to pay, and deliver experiences that truly delight your customers and the people who serve them.

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Deliver a smart and simple digital experience

Knowledge is power. Help your customers to better understand electricity and gas, and give them a reason to become more engaged with their energy consumption through a smart and simple digital experience.

Meet the Flux App

Underpinning our platform is the Flux Admin Application (Flux App). It enables you to manage your business from one secure, integrated application simply and effectively. The Flux App does what you need it to do, when you need it done. It's vital to successfully operating your business, with the bonus of being cost effective and easy to use.

The Flux App is unique because it's integrated with the customer-facing interface for a single view of the customer. There's no need to mess around with multiple clunky legacy systems. You won't be needing them anymore. Flux does the job of all of them, only better. It's simple, intuitive and straightforward. There's nothing else quite like it.


Achieve your innovation goals with the added flexibility of a number of utility and customer modules to choose from. We work with you to identify which modules make the most sense for your business and the market you operate in.

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    White label

    Boldly go and reach new markets by selling energy through white label partners.

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    Shake up the market with a differentiated offering. Make buying and managing energy fun.

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    Give your customers the option of reliable monthly billing.

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    Equip business customers with better analytics.

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    Business intelligence

    Run an insights driven business.

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    Payment integrations

    Give your customers different ways to pay.

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    Advanced debt

    Effectively manage debt, fast.

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    Integrate Flux technology with third party systems.

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    AI, EV, Advanced analytics and Energy efficiency

    Be future focused. Evolve your proposition.

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Bespoke innovations

Within the parameters of the platform, design and create your own product enhancements and offerings without the need for tricky tech logistics.